Unusual Bicycle Designs You will Love to Ride

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Bicycles are the very old way of transportation, it is still very popular. It is still popular when there is fastest and convenient ways of transportation. Bicycles helps you to burn the calories and also it is good if you need frequent travelling for small distance. I think every one is familiar with the designs of bicycles. Here we are going to show you some unusual bicycle designs you will love to ride. Don’t forget to share with your friends. ..

 1- Toilet on the Go

This cycle is specially for those people who need toilet often. This is the most odd bicycle in this series. It is not clear that there is toilet on bicycle or bicycle on toilet.

Unusual Cycle Designs You will Love to Ride - Toilet BicycleSource

2- Bicycle on Railway Track

This bicycle is customized to run on the railway track.

Bicycles on the Railway Track Odd Bicycles


3- Bicycle without Handle

You need special practice to run a bicycle without handle.

Strange Bicycle - without handle


4- Tiny Bicycle

This unusual bicycle is smaller than your kids bicycle. How you will ride it?

Unusual Bicycles


5- Fully Wooden Bicycle

This bicycle is created with wood completely. Now it is called creativity.

Odd Bicycles Wooden Bicycle


6- Fliz Bicycle

This cycle does not have paddles to round its wheels. You have to run to take the speed, then you can hang to move with acceleration.

Fliz Bicycles


7- Big Wheels Bicycle

This big wheels bicycle is run by two peoples. Because of big wheels it need more power to drive.

Big Wheel Bicycles


8- Two in One Bicycle

This odd bicycle is square of bicycle – One cycle is placed vertically on another.

Two in One Bicycle


9- Safari Bicycle

This cycle is best suitable for roaming you can easily place your luggage in the space.

Safari odd bicycle


10- Bicycle run on Shoe

In our list of Unusual Cycle Designs You will Love to Ride this bicycle is created using the shoe.

Unusual Cycle Designs You will Love to Ride - Shoe Bicycle


11- Three Wheeler Bicycle

This is a three wheeler bicycle you don’t have to worry about maintaining the balance of bicycle.

Three Wheeler Bicycle


12- Wicker Covered Bicycle

Very beautiful design of the this bicycle. It has been covered the wicker.

Wicker Covered Bicycle


13- Sitting is not Allowed

Sitting on this bicycle is not allowed. It does not have any seat. Odd, isn’t it??

Don't seat on this cycle


14- Laid on the Cycle

This cycle is designed in such a way that to ride it you need to completely collapse on it.

Collapse on the Bicycle


15- Customized Beach Bicycle

Planning to roam on the beach, next time have such a bicycle.

Customized Beach Bicycle


These are the unusual bicycle designs you will love to ride. Don’t forget to share it with your friend – They will love it too.

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