Japanese Wearing Smart Skirt with LED Light and Bluetooth

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A news fashion sense trending these days in Japan. The girls are liking the skirt with LED light. LED lights are installed under the skirt and flash lights on the girls legs. Such type of skirts are famous in dance club girls, but nowadays Japanese girls like to wear it normally. Such skirts are not only attractive but also being considered a new fashion trend in Japan. Here are some pictures of smart skirts with LED lights.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 1

These LED lights can be of the different colour of your choice.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 2

If you will wear this skirt, people will keep looking you till those lights are visible.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 3

LED lights Skirt exposes thighs in a way that everyone will keep looking. This black outfit with LED is just great.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 4

Those who don’t know about the LED may think there is fire.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 5The effect of LED is not only for the night. It will also be visible in the day too.

Japanese Girl Smart Skirt with LED 6These are the smart skirts with LED light and Bluetooth trending in Japan.

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