Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old Vs New

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Trains is also a popular and old public transportation. It also seen very dramatic change in the history. In the evolution of 5 public service transportation, we will now make comparison of old vs new version of trains.

Steam Engine Trains

Trains started to serve people as a steam engine. Pressure of steam was the source of power of these trains.

Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation - Old Vs New Trains

Later few more enhancements were made to the steam engine to make them more capable to carry weight.

Old Steam Engine Train


Diesel Engine Trains

Later on with the invent of motor engine, trains were implemented diesel engine. Diesel engine was more capable than steam engine.

Diesel Engine Trains - Evolution of tranis


Electric Trains

After this electric motor trains started. These trains are more capable than diesel engine trains. They can run faster on the tracks.

Old Vs New Trains


Bullet Trains

Latest modern trains are Bullet trains. These trains are superfast trains and can run at 300 Kmph Speed on the tracks.

Bullet Trains


This was the Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old vs New Comparison. If you like this odd, share with your friends on social media.


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