Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old Vs New

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School Bus

Next thing in our Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation is the school buses. School Buses are the also main public transportation used from very start. Lets see the evolution of the this public transport.

Horse School Buses

These buses were used during 1917. Horses are the main source of the power.

Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation


We have another old age school bus this school bus. Although this bus has motor engine to it but is not designed effectively. It start jumping with little shock on the road. Though it was uncomfortable but it is good way to leave children from home to school and school to their home.

Old Vs New School Bus

Next we have a public transport which is used to carry students from their home to school. This bus has some improvement in their design. It was designed to give comfort.

School bus in old AgesNow we come to the modern design of school buses. In modern age school buses are designed in such way that give comfort to childrens also can carry maximum childrens. You are reading evolution of 5 public service transportation.

Modern Typical School Bus

In the modern age school buses are fully air conditioned and also they are equipped with GPS technology. GPS help the school administration to track the buses where they are.

Modern School Bus Old Vs New Comparison

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