Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old Vs New

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Fire Brigade

In the Evolution of 5 public service transportation, next public service department we have is Fire rescue department. We will show you the evolution of fire brigade from the history.

Fire Steam Engine

This is the oldest fire brigade used to rescue fires. Steam were used to pump the water to the upper area of buildings.

Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation - Fire Brigade

Next with little improvement to these fire brigades some other were developed.

Volentry Fire Brigade Old Vs New

This fire brigade were pulled by the horse to the incident place. Those days people were instructed to place one extra bucket of water to their doors. These bucket of water were used to supply the additional water to the fire steam engine.

New vs Old Fire Brigade

Later on with few more improvement, fire department started using motor to pull the fire rescue van. They also included some flexible stairs to it. This was the start of the modern age of fire brigade.

New Vs Old Motor Fire Brigade


Modern Fire Brigade

The modern fire brigades van are equipped with latest tools. Mostly these fire brigades have mini hydraulic cranes.  These cranes lift the fire person so that they can throw the water in the upper part of building.

Modern Fire Brigade New vs Old Comparison

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