Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old Vs New

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Technology and Tradition is changing day by day. What we are using today that was completely different in the early ages. Things and methods we were used in past time now has become history. Same thing applies with the public service transportation. Special department that were created to serve people from the very start of democracy in our country has become advance with the time. But what was their condition in early ages? Here we have evolution of 5 public service transportation. You will clearly see and get the exact difference between them.

Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation


First I am making comparison in the Latest Ambulance and Old time Ambulance used by the hospitals to carry sick and injured peoples. We will go from the old time images to latest time pictures of Ambulance.

Horse Ambulance

First image we have is of the oldest Ambulance used ever. Horse were pulling this Ambulance. This picture of Ambulance was taken in around in 1946. That time these Horse Ambulance were used to take the patient to the Hospital. Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation - Ambulance

The above horse Ambulance belongs to United States. It seems that it is stucked in mud, but I am sure they have been easily cleared the way.

Rickshaw Ambulance

Another Picture of Ambulance is a Rickshaw Ambulance used in the beginning of the 20th century. However it has less space for the patient to be comfortably, but this was good way to take patient to the hospital.

Ambulance Old Vs New

Motor Ambulance

In the late 19th century Motor Ambulance first used in the hospitals. Since then many designs and types of Ambulance were used by the hospitals. Below Image shows the motor ambulance used in the starting. Some of those Ambulances are standing in front of the Hospital.

Old Vs New Motor Ambulance

Modern Motor Ambulance

These type of Motor Ambulances are used these days. These are fully equipped with the medical tools that can save life of the patient while they are taken to the hospitals. These Ambulances have enough space to sit nurse or doctor and family person with the patient.

Modern Motor Ambulance

Air Ambulance

With the invention and reliability of the Aeroplane and Helicopter, modern hospitals started using them as Ambulance. It simply reduce the chances of delay due to traffic and also other types of disturbance on the road. Air Ambulance can quickly reach to the patient and can take them to hospital even more quickly.

New Vs Old Air Ambulance

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