Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts

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Creative people can use their creativity to make awesome things even with the wasted things. There are many people who are fond of designing sculpture designs with the wasted things. Here one of those people created awesome design of sculpture with the help of useless doll parts. Lets have look at those creative sculpture created with useless doll parts.

Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts

1- Face with Hairs

Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts - Face with Hairs

This sculpture is made with the help of hands and head of dolls. It look like that the lady is standing in strong wind. And wind is floating her hair. Nice concept and beautifully designed. Great utilization of Doll Parts.

2- Simple Face

Creative Sculpture  - Simple Face

A simple face is designed with the doll parts. Legs of doll are used to shape the cheeks. Hands are used to design nose and other areas. There look like shape of Holey Cross on the head of the face, if you look from a distance.

3- Half Body Sculpture

Creative Design of useless doll parts - Half Sculputure

Upper sculpture were only face and head. This creative sculpture created with useless doll parts are half body. Head, body, hand and legs are used to create the shape of lady. Great balance.

4- Men Half Body Sculpture

Half Body Men Sculpture

Another Sculpture is created with waste doll parts is a shape of man’s body. This man has one hand only. Design is so clean and creative. Even you can clearly see the abs of the men. This is best creative sculpture. Go to Next page

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