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Hi myself Vipin Pandey, the guy behind Buzz Odd. I love to listen music, watching some good movies, and coding to make some cool web pages. In the Buzz Odd I explore my Odd side :) Connect me on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter

Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts - Face with Hairs

Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts


Creative people can use their creativity to make awesome things even with the wasted things. There are many people who are fond of designing sculpture designs with the wasted things. Here one of those people created awesome design of sculpture with the help of useless doll parts. Lets have look...

Creative Mustaches - Big Curly Mustache

Creative Big Mustache and Beard Styles you will Like


Mustache and beard are the old fashion. Most people have mustache and beard, but now people usually like clean shaved face. Still there are many people who are crazy about mustache and beard. They not just have simple mustache, they make it stylish look and make attractive. Here we are...

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Smart Water Filler

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks to do tasks Smartly


Many time instead of doing tasks in normal way, we choose to make some arrangement so that time can be reduced. These arrangements are called life hacks. Here we are telling you 15 simple daily life tricks to do things smartly. These tricks will reduce your time taken in the task....

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Brick Braker

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People in Public


While roaming in the public places we often see funny act of people. This world is full of funny people, they don’t bother or care about the public. We have collected such 15 hilarious funny action by people in public. These pictures are clicked by peoples who roam in the public...

25 Most Dumb Selfie Ever taken by Dumb Peoples - Bather

25 Dumb Selfie Ever Taken by Dumb Peoples


Selfies are getting so popular day by day. People are so creative taking selfies. We can see many funny and dumb selfies. Here we have such 25 dumb selfie ever taken by dumb peoples that will make you laugh and some time amaze. If you have not taken any dumb...

10 Most Funny First Tweets of Celebrity Stars

10 Most Funny First Tweet of Celebrity Stars

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Twitter is very popular especially in celebrity. Almost all celebrity stars has their account in Twitter and they update their followers with their tweets. Here I am listing 10 most funny first tweet of celebrity stars which gone viral. In this list you will find first tweets of your celebrity...