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Cores of Earth Cake

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat

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Cakes are used in every occasion of celebration. People try to create such cakes that can reflect theme of the occasion. That’s why they love to create different designs of cakes. These days unique cakes are popular in people. In every party cakes are the central point of attraction for...

Sun Eater - Amazing Pictures clicked at perfect time

Amazing Pictures Clicked at Perfect Time (Part 1, 17 Pic)


Here we starting this series for you. It will have some amazing pictures clicked at perfect time. Some of these pictures are clicked accidentally and some others were planned to click at perfect angle. I am sure it will bring smile at your face. These pictures are example being generous can create...

Running Horse Shape Ear Clip

15 Jewelry Designs based on Animal Structure


Jewelry is one of the most old accessory used by humans. In history we can see it clearly that men and women both used to wear it. People wear it so that they can look attractive. That’s why, they try different design of jewelry to get attention. People try different...

Anti Theft Food Bag Smart Invention

15 Most Unusual Inventions created by lazy peoples


Things and tools are created to do the task in easier way. They help us to minimize the time or effort taking in task. There have been many inventions that are totally unusual and used by any lazy persons. We have listed such 15 most unusual inventions created by lazy...

Ambulance Old Vs New

Evolution of 5 Public Service Transportation – Old Vs New


Technology and Tradition is changing day by day. What we are using today that was completely different in the early ages. Things and methods we were used in past time now has become history. Same thing applies with the public service transportation. Special department that were created to serve people...

Funny Actions of Footballers - Saving Themselves

13 Crazy Actions of Football Players


Fifa World Cup 2014 is going on. People and fans are crazy to watch their favorite team in action. This game is full of crazy actions. Here we have collected some 13 crazy actions of football players which has been shot at perfect moment. These pictures tells the craziness story...

Falling People Image

17 Funny Falling GIF that will Make You Laugh


People do many strange things that make them fall down. No, they don’t fall to make you laugh. They fall suddenly because of their stupid action, this make you laugh. It is not right to laugh on falling peoples. They got hurted and we laugh. This is not good. Actually we don’t...

Mythical Animals in Hollywood movies - Medusa

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies


Imaginary animals creatures in movies are most popular. Many movies in Hollywood are based on such imaginary animals. People also like these imaginary animals. Whether its Harry Potter movie series or other popular fictional movie – all these movies comes with a new type of animals. Here we have collected...