Artist created Bling Bike with Vintage Costume Jewellery and Marbles

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Can you imagine that someone can create such a beautiful Bling Bike with the vintage costume jewellery? Art Romero from California not just created a beautiful piece but also boost his self confidence. As a vintage jewellery collector he thought to create a Bling Bike with help of those vintage jewelleries. He thinks that it is great idea to present these jewelleries that’s lasted so many years.

Bling Bike

Bling Bike created by Art Romero

When we ask what difficulties he has face to create it, he says – It was a challenge for me, to collect vintage jewelleries and fixing them on the curved surface of bike. It is not easy to fix a flat surface material on curved surface. I collected everything earring, necklaces, brooches, chains, buttons. The list is so long. If I see at a yard sale a box of tangled jewellery, I make an offer and usually take them home without spending more than $5.00.

Bling Bike

It is not easy to complete such a time taken project, which does not have any specific reason. Usually people tend to leave such tasks in middle, but Art Romero fights with this tendency. Spending 3 months of pots of coffee and 10 tubes of glue and whole lot of jewellery make him to create this Bling Bike.

Bling Bike 4

When we asked what positive changes he finds in himself after completing this project? He said – It’s awakened a creative spark in me, I never knew I had. What I am, an artist? I don’t know. People say it, so maybe I am. But it gives me immense pleasure when my friends ask me – Art, have you lost your marbles? I tell them, “No, just look at the bike. They are on it… somewhere.”

Bling Bike 3

Art Romero is going to present his Bling Bike in an open studio next month. Our best wishes are with you. 🙂

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6 Comments to Artist created Bling Bike with Vintage Costume Jewellery and Marbles

    • Believe me, i dont have much patience either and thats why it took me 3 months to complete. Fun stuff..try it sometime.

  1. Cindy Davis

    Art, Your bike is a beautiful piece of art. The time, energy and creativity you put into your bike is incredible. As a jewelry and stone lover, I can certainly understand and appreciate your creation. I love it. You are a wonderful artist. Please continue to enjoy your God given talent. Also, please continue to share your creations with fellow artists and art lovers. Cindy Davis

    • Cindy,
      Thank you! I’m so glad you like my Bling Bike. I just recently donated the bike to a museum. It is now at, “The Bunny Museum”. (
      This museum has the largest bunnie artifacts collection in the world and is recognized by The Genous Book of World Records. In this museum they have an entire section of bunnies on bikes. Lol! Believe me, it fits in very nicely and I’m just happy to know it will be seen by thousands of people every year. Sure beats sitting in my garage doing nothing.
      Thanks again!!
      Art Romero

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