Amazing Pictures Clicked at Perfect Time (Part 1, 17 Pic)

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Here we starting this series for you. It will have some amazing pictures clicked at perfect time. Some of these pictures are clicked accidentally and some others were planned to click at perfect angle. I am sure it will bring smile at your face. These pictures are example being generous can create good pictures. Lets begin the show:

1- Bird Show


2- Power Women



3- Horse Head Girl



4- Sun Eater

Sun Eater - Amazing Pictures clicked at perfect time

5- The Lady in the Ocean

Lady in the Ocean


6- Baby Catcher

Baby Catcher

7- Lady with two head

Lady with two head

8- Image into Reality

Image into Reality

9- Cat Attack

Cat Attack

10- Poor Rider

Poor Child Rider

11- Electric Lady

Electric Lady

12- Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter

13- Owner of Sun

Owner of Sun

14- Cruel Accident

Crual Accident

15- True Supporters

True Supporters

16- Ant Helicopter

Ant Helicopter

17- Just Landing

Just Landing


These are all the 17 best pictures shot at perfect time. I will continue this series in few more parts. Hope you enjoyed this part. Do want more??

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