5 Most Beautiful Versus Ugly Cities in the World

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World is a beautiful place. The god creates only beautiful places in this world. Human make it ugly. There are many cities that are very beautiful. People want to visit these cities. But also there are some cities that not planned to look beautiful. With time these cities gone more and more ugly. Here we are comparing such 5 Most beautiful versus ugly cities in the world. We have one picture of each beautiful and ugly city.

1- Venice versus Baku

Venice is the most beautiful city in the world. It is built around canals, each and every building is uniquely designed.

5 Most Beautiful Versus Ugly Cities in the World - VeniceSource

Here we have one picture of Baku City the most ugly city in the world.

Baku Most Ugly CitySource

2- Paris versus Dhaka

Paris is most romantic place in the world. Every new couple wants to go to Paris for their honeymoon.

Most Beautiful City ParisSource

This picture is taken from the Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh.

2 Most Ugly City DhakaSource

3- Prague versus Port-au-Prince

Prague is very beautiful and spacious city of the world. It is the largest city of the Czech Republic.

Beautiful Prague City


Port-au-Prince city is the capital of Haiti. This picture is taken from there.

Port-au-Prince Ugly City in the World


4- Lisbon versus Addis Abeba

At the fourth position Lisbon is the most beautiful city in the world. We have a picture of this city.

Most Beautiful City Lisbon


To defeat it we have the picture of Addis Abeba City.

Ugly City Addis Abeba


5- Rio De Janerio versus Baghdad

This is a beautiful city of Brazil. The city has many interesting things for the visitors.

5 Rio De Janeiro Most Beautiful Cities


In our list of 5 most beautiful versus ugly city in the world we have this picture from the Baghdad City.

Baghdad Most ugly cites in the world


Everyone wants to see beautiful places, no one want to to see ugly things. This post collaborates both thing the beauty and the ugly.


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3 Comments to 5 Most Beautiful Versus Ugly Cities in the World

  1. Hi there!

    This post does not reflect the truth and you Sir clearly have never been to most of the cities you’ve written about.

  2. Jack Ryan

    Baku is actually one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see on Earth , the photo you have shown is a waste land area on the fringe that all towns & cities have . This is not the ” city ” of Baku . Also On every ” Versus ” city you have shown except for Addis Abeba City you have just shown the city dump ! How does that represent anything , every city has a dump.

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