25 Dumb Selfie Ever Taken by Dumb Peoples

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11- Child Smoker

25 Dumb Selfie Ever taken by Dumb Peoples - Child Smoker

Ohh he is trying to offend the child for the smoke which comes from bathroom with this selfie.

12- Bath Selfie

25 Dumb Selfie Ever - Bath Selfie

Look at him, trying to take bath with those  foams.

13- Bathroom Cook

25 Dumb Selfie Ever taken by Dumb Peoples - Bathroom Cook

Want to cook something alone in the bathroom. But why he is clicking this selfie?

14- The Angry Cat

25 Dumb Selfie - Angry Cat

Hey why are you forcing me to click in the selife? The cat is very angry.

15- Potter Broomstick

25 Dumb Selfie Ever taken by Dumb Peoples - Potter Broomstick

Harry Potter big fan. He is flying with a Potter Broomstick.

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