24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat

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13- Third Floor Cake

This is wedding cake, which display the bride and groom on the terrace of three floor cake.

Three Floor Cake Odd Designed

14- Special Chinese Cake

Here we have a cake with Chinese chopsticks. Don’t ask me, how to eat?

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat - Chinese Cake

15- Cake for your Kid

In the list of 24 odd and creative cake designs, this is a very cute cake. Your little kid love it at his birthday.

Odd Designed Cake - Cake for your kid

16- F1 Racer Cake

No-No, It is not a Formula one car. Yes, its a cake. You can have it if you are F1 Racer or Fan of this sport.

Creative Design Cake - F1 Racer Cake


17- Cake for your Granny

This cake display how your granny spend her time. You can give it her birthday. She will definitely feel special.

Creative Cake Designs - Cake for your Granny


18- Cushions Cake

This cake is designed like cushions. Don’t place your back on it…

Odd cake designs - Cushions Cake

19- Lungs Cake

Do you want eat the lungs at your birthday? You don’t want? Don’t worry its a cake that looks like lungs.

Yummy Cakes - Lungs Cake

20- Egg of Alien Cake

This cake look like it is a egg of an Alien. Whatever it is, now it is going to our stomach.

Egg of Alien Cake - Awesome Design Cake

21- Muscular Design of Face Cake

Here in 24 odd and creative cake designs this cake is for science students. It display the muscle structure of a human face.

Creative Design Cake - Muscle Structure of human Face

22- Earth Cores Cake

This another science related cake display the all internal cores or the earth.

Cores of Earth Cake

23- Cake for the Hero

This creative cake can be ordered for someone who has done some hero job.

Cake for the hero

24- Fish Lover Cake

This cake is good for your girlfriend who like fishes.

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat - Fish Lover Cake

These are the 24 odd and creative cake designs you wish not to eat. If you like these share with your friends.


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  1. Pkmnmastermegan

    The alien egg is actually from a game called “Katamari” it involves whimsical music, fun characters, psychedelic colors, and rolling things into a giant ball.

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