24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat

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Cakes are used in every occasion of celebration. People try to create such cakes that can reflect theme of the occasion. That’s why they love to create different designs of cakes. These days unique cakes are popular in people. In every party cakes are the central point of attraction for everyone. So if your cakes design is unique people and your friends love it. They will click the photographs of it to show to everyone. Here we are sharing 24 odd and creative cake designs you wish not to eat. These cakes are much awesome designed, that you wish to stare them all the time.

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat

1- Tool Kit Cake

This first cake is designed to reflect the tool. Most likely that carpenter, electrician, or engineer love to order such cakes. If you order cakes at their farewell they will love it.

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat- Tool Kit Cake

2- Alone Girl Cake

This cake is ideal for everyone but yes teen girls will like it most. It has greenery and two big mushroom.

Alone Girl Cakes


3- Cake of Fireman

This fireman cake is ideal for any fireman or your kid who wish to become a fireman. I bet you won’t like to eat this cake if you have sympathy with fire workers.

Odd Cake Designs - Cake of Fireman

4- Cake for Full Family

Cake for full family is not a big cake that can be served to all your family. It has the future representation of your family along with bride and groom.

Creative Cake Designs - Full Family Cake


5- Trolley Cake

I am confuse what should be name of this cake? Then I saw the wheels so give it Trolley Cake name. It reflect some of imperial feel.

Trolley Cake


6- Toy Cake

This toy cake is good for your kid who love to ride in this game.

Toy Cake

7- Stone Cake

This cake look like small stones are collected. Don’t be afraid, they are soft as cake. 😀

24 Odd and Creative Cake Designs you wish Not to Eat - Stone Cake

8- After Marriage Cake

This marriage cake says that this is going to happen after marriage. Still they want to marry.

Odd Designs Cake - After Marriage Cake

9- Full House Cake

This beautifully designed cake has all parts that a big house has. I wonder, how carefully it is designed.

Creative Cake Designs - Full House Cake

10- Book Lover Cake

In the list of 24 odd and creative cake designs, this cake is designed specially for book lover. Those who love to read can have this cake. I am not sure, they will let anyone eat it..

Yummy Book Lover Cake

11- Cake with Sketch

Yes, you can also create sketch of the person on the cake…

Sketch Yourself on Cake

12- Cake for Daddy

This cake is ideal, if you are planning a surprise for your daddy.

Cake for your Daddy

Its only 12, others are in next page – Click on Page 2.

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    The alien egg is actually from a game called “Katamari” it involves whimsical music, fun characters, psychedelic colors, and rolling things into a giant ball.

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