24 Most Strange Animal Creatures in the World you don’t know

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16- Zombie Worms

24 Most Strange Animal Creatures in the World - Zombie Worms



Zombie Worms science name  ‘Osedax’, and also called bone-worms. These worms eat the huge bones of dead whales. That’s why they are called Osedax which means bone-eating.

17- Dragon Millipede

Strange Animal in world - Dragon Millipedes

This is a pink 3 cm species which lives on the leafs. It can produce the cyanide to save it from the predators. Because of cyanide it smells like almonds.

18- Pistol Shrimp

Most Bizarre Animal - Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp is also in the list of 24 most strange animal creatures. This species is unique in its nature because it produces loud snapping sound. Their size is around 1-2 inches.

19-  Odontodactylus Scyllarus

Incredible Animals - Odontodactylus Scyllarus


Odontodactylus Scyllarus is also known as peacock mantis shrimp because they look like peacock. They are known as both attractive and dangerous in the people.

20- Sea Pig

Sea Pig

Sea pig is found in the deep sea and shaped like pig. That’s why they are called the sea pig.

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