24 Most Strange Animal Creatures in the World you don’t know

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6- Axolotl

24 Most Strange Animal Creatures in World - Axolotl


Axolotl is also in the list of 24 most strange animal creatures. Axolotl is the Mexican walking fish. This fish is called walking fish because of its hand and legs. When it swims it look like it is walking.

7- Aye Aye

Most Bizarre Animals in the World - Aye Aye

Aye-Aye is most bizarre animal found in the area of Madagascar. They are best known to his food finding strategy. They create a small hole in the wood and then use its thin middle finger to grab the food.

8- Pea Sized Frog

Pea Sized Frog - Bizarre Animals

These frogs size is like a pea. When first scientist discover it, they thought that they may be young frogs. But soon they realize they were fully developed adult frogs.

9- Ice Fish

Most Incredible Animals - Ice Fish

The Ice fish or white-blooded fish are found around Antarctica. There water temperature can drop to -1.9 C. Their total length lies between 15-75 cm.

10- Panda Ant

Bizarre Animals in the world - Panda Art


These are the hairy ants found mainly in the southwestern United States. There are more than 3000 species of this panda ants. They are also known for their painful stings.

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