23 Different and Odd Clock Designs that you would Like to have

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16- Barber Chair Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Barber Chair Clock

In 23 different and odd clock designs list we have a clock which is fitted in the chair of barbar shop. It can help the barber to know how exact time he took to shave you. He will just note the time before sitting and after complete the shave.

17- Paper Clock

Paper Clock Design

This clock use paper cards to show the time. When time changes the mechanics of the clock changes the paper card to show exact time.

18- Monster Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Monster Clcok

Monster is eating your mind 😀 this clock may remind to that procrastination is the monster and that is eating your time.

19- Dice Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Dice Clock

Dice clock show the time with the help of dices. These dices are pointed to show the correct time.

20- Time Flies

Butterfly Clock

Very beautiful designed clock, perfect for your bedroom. Butterflies are alike time, this shows the time flies.

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