23 Different and Odd Clock Designs that you would Like to have

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11- Worm Clock

Worm Clock

Another creative clock in our 23 different and odd clock designs is a worm clock. This clock is designed by taking concept of worm.

12- Clock TV

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Clock TV

This Clock is for television lover.  It also has a remote which can be used to set the time or alarm. Nice odd concept.

13- Mechanical Clock

Mechanical Clock Design

The Mechanical Clock shows the concept of mechanical engineering.

14- Memory Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Memory Clock

I captioned this Memory Clock because it reminds you to brush your teeth in the morning time. Good clock for your children room.

15- Cycle Clock

Cycle Design Clock

It just remind you of your last cycle. This is clock is designed with the rim of the cycle. Nice Design.

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