23 Different and Odd Clock Designs that you would Like to have

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6- Racing Brake Clock

Odd Clocks - Racing Brake

This is clock is inspired by racing. The designer is trying express the importance of brake in the racing. Without a good brake racing can not be done.

7- Carpenter Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Carpenter Clock

This odd design clock is inspired from the work of carpenter. Every necessary tools are attached in clock which a carpenter needs.

8- Melting Clock

Melting Clock Design

Melting Clock is expressing the attribute of time, Time melts. This is another great creativity of the designer.

9- Dining Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Dining Clock

This clock tell the time by the dining things. Big dining tool show the highlighted big time and small show less highlighted time. You can place this clock in your dining room, it will look awesome.

10- Hypnotism Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Hypnotism Clock

This Hypnotism Clock is inspired from the hypnotism method. In hypnotism spherical round like this clock create illusion that helps in achieving the hypnotism. Nice Concept.

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