23 Different and Odd Clock Designs that you would Like to have

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Clocks are used to know the time, everyone know that. Also everyone used to have clock in their bedroom, study room and office. Every clock told you the time but people used to have different clocks that are unique in design and attracts others. This is the creative part of people. Creative peoples wants creativity in everything. So why they leave the clocks. Here we are presenting 23 different and odd clock designs that you would like to have in your place. These clocks are different than usual clocks. I am sure you will watch these clocks with opened mouth.

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs that you would Like to have

1- Time Bomb Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Time Bomb Clock

This one is most incredible and odd clock. This Time Bomb Clock shows you time, obviously, also tells you to not waste it. It expresses you have limited time, do the important things before bomb blasts. 🙂

2- The Chain Clock

The Chain Clock

Here is the another odd design clock, The Chain Clock. This clock shows the time and life is a chain reaction. Happiness and sorrows are the part of life and they are also chained. Most creative design.

3- Dancing Robot Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Dancing Robot Clock

The Dancing Robot Clock design is for robot lovers. Everyone has rights to enjoy their life, robots too. So dance with the time.

4- Wheel Clock

23 Odd Clock Designs - Wheel Clock

Another creative clock design, this wheel clock is probably loved by car lovers. They will like to have it in their garage.

5- Multi Ring Clock

23 Different and Odd Clock Designs - Multi Ring Clock

This awesome designed clock tell you time and the day. This clock tells the story of efficiency by own.

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