20 Most Intelligent Answers by Students – You will die laughing

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Students are supposed to answer the questions that is written in their book. Some students who doesn’t know answer usually leave the that question, few may write wrong answers. But situation become LOL when they try to become intelligent. They write such answers that no one can declare totally wrong. I did not try to give such answers in my childhood but yes sometimes I write some notes on my answer sheet to take some sympathy of examiner. Like – Time is less to answer this question or I was ill last night so was unable to prepare for exam, please give me passing mark 😀 Here we are sharing 20 most intelligent answers by students. These students are funny and their answers are hilarious. . lets check them

20 Most Intelligent Answers by Students

1- What the first thing a Queen is supposed to do?

20 Most Intelligent Answers by Students

2- First one is always alone

First one is alone

3- Convert centimeter to meter

Convert Centimeter to Meter

4- Nitrate vs dayrate – Funniest

Nitrate vs dayrate

5- Real meaning of China

What is the Meaning of China

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