19 Creative Tea Infusers you would like to Use

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Tea infusers are used to infuse the tea leafs into hot water. Dried tea leaves are placed in tea infusers and then it is used to mix the tea essentials into hot water. It is a metal container that contains dried tea leaves and does not let tea leaves to spread in water. This is a classical way to make tea. Tea infusers become popular in the first half of 19th century. It is still being used. Where another form of tea infusers are tea bags. Tea bags infusers can be use and throw, but metal or hard plastic tea infusers can be used several times. These are cool and attractive. Here I have collected 19 creative tea infusers you would like to use. These tea infusers are best in creativity that you forget to drink your tea and keep looking at them.

19 Creative Tea Infusers you would like to Use

1. Panda Tea Infuser

Creative Tea Infusers 1 - Panda Tea Infuser

2. Seal Tea Infuser

Seal Tea Infuser

3. Penguin Pool Tea Infuser

Penguin Pool Tea Infuser

4. Creative Plant Tea Infuser

Creative Plant Tea Infuser

5. Bath Tub Tea Infuser

Creative Tea Infusers

6. Sea Fish Tea Infuser

Sea Fish Tea Infuser

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1 Comment to 19 Creative Tea Infusers you would like to Use

  1. You may want to edit. The first one is a sloth, not a panda and the “house” is actually a telephone booth, I belive the Tardis – from the tv series Dr. Who

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