15 Most Unusual Inventions created by lazy peoples

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Things and tools are created to do the task in easier way. They help us to minimize the time or effort taking in task. There have been many inventions that are totally unusual and used by any lazy persons. We have listed such 15 most unusual inventions created by lazy peoples. Look at these inventions and just choose which one you wish to use?

15 Most Unusual Inventions created by lazy peoples

1- Solar Lighter

This unusual solar lighter is made to light the cigarettes with the sun light. Who is the person that want to stand in the sun light to light his cigarette. Yeah, it would be beneficial in case you don’t have the match box or any lighter nearby.

15 Most Unusual Inventions created by lazy peoples - Solar Lighter

2- Non Stop Nose Napkins

This is way to get unlimited napkins for your running nose. This will supply napkins to your non stop nose. Is it worth trying?

Nose Napkins Odd Inventions

3- Easy Lipstick

This invention is made to apply lipstick perfectly when you are in hurry. If you are in hurry applying lipstick may make you more late.

Apply Easy Lipstick

4- Water Saver Umbrella

This amazing invention is made to re-use the rain water. You just have to carry a bucket with you. It will fill it up.

Save Rain Water Funny Inventions

5- Anti Theft Food Bag

This is most intelligent invention, this food bag is transparent. It create a shape on your food that no one want to take it.

Anti Theft Food Bag Smart Invention

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