15 Simple Daily Life Tricks to do tasks Smartly

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11- Don’t Loose Remote

This is the another solution of most common problem in the 15 simple daily life tricks.┬áScenario – Your favorite TV show is on air, but your remote is gone somewhere. It is frustrating to search for it. Solution – Place sticky tape at some conventional place and stick the remote to it.

Don't loose your remote

12- Custom Fridge

This idea can save $$$ ­čśÇ .

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Custom Fridge

13- Emergency Relief Fund

Smart people use this kind of trick. In a long journey it is most likely that you could face a thief. Or your money purse can get lost. Just hide some money at such places. This money can be used as emergency relief fund.

Emergency Relief Fund

14- Personal Guide

You are in a Non-English language country or place. Having pictures of place you want go can help you while dealing with taxi drivers.

15 Simple Daily Life hacks - Personal Guide

15- Paint Saver

Place a rubber band or thread around the can of paint. It will save the paint from spreading from the side of the can.

15 Simple Daily Life hacks - Paint Saver Tricks



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