15 Simple Daily Life Tricks to do tasks Smartly

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6- Cooking without Gas

In this list of 15 simple daily life tricks this is most intelligent solution. Scenario, in the mid night gas finished. There is no chance to get it. You are hungry. Use this trick as in below picture.

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Cooking Without Gas

7- Easy Glass Cleaner

You can clean glass or your car’s headlight with the toothpaste. It will make your hazy car’s headlight clean and clear.

Easy Glass Cleaner

8- Sound Enhancer

Sleeping late and want wake up early next morning, but worry about the alarm. You are worrying that you will not wake up by the alarm sound of your phone. Place your mobile into a glass it will enhance the sound so that you could wake up.

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Sound Enhancer

9- Custom Hanger

You can use unused plastic bottles to place custom things. Just cut it as shown in below image and use.

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Custom Hanger

10- Trick to Cut Smartly

This problem you face in your kitchen. Scenario – you have to cut a bunch of grapes or tomato’s from¬†middle. Just put two lids and use a big and sharp knife, just cut it.

Cut Smartly

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