15 Simple Daily Life Tricks to do tasks Smartly

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Many time instead of doing tasks in normal way, we choose to make some arrangement so that time can be reduced. These arrangements are called life hacks. Here we are telling you 15 simple daily life tricks to do things smartly. These tricks will reduce your time taken in the task. In general way you have to get some extra stuff to complete the task but here you can do it without them. This is the most simple solution to your common problems.

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks to do tasks smartly

1- Fill Water Smartly

Many time in daily life we face this issue, if we want to fill water from the sink in the bucket and we don’t have the pipe for it. Then we can use a clean dustpan to fill water in the bucket. See Below

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Smart Water Filler

2- Save your Luggage

Feeling sleepy in the journey is common thing. Also while sleeping you may be worried about your luggage. Just place the handle of your bag into your leg, and take a relaxing nap. It will not be easy for the thief to lift you leg.

Daily Life Hacks - Save Your Luggage

3- Save Time in Lift

Many time some people press the lift button for every floor, maybe just to make you in trouble. You can cancel the stoppage of the lift by pressing the button twice.

15 Simple Daily Life Tricks - Save time in lift

4- Soap Saver

This is the most common problem we face in bathroom. When soap become very thin it is not easy to use it. Instead of wasting it, you can just stick it onto to other soap. Now it can be used.

Soap Saver

5- Emergency Charging

This is the solution to your big problem. You are abroad and forgot the charger. You can charge you cell phone with the help of data cable. There are USB cards in the TVs in hotels, use them.

Charging Kits

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