15 Jewelry Designs based on Animal Structure

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Jewelry is one of the most old accessory used by humans. In history we can see it clearly that men and women both used to wear it. People wear it so that they can look attractive. That’s why, they try different design of jewelry to get attention. People try different shape and sizes, sometimes their shape is like tree and sometime they choose animals shape designs. Here we are listing 15 jewelry designs based on animal structure. These are the modern day used jewelry and liked by people who love the odd things. Animal lover shop or order to design jewelry of animal shape.

15 Jewelry Designs based on Animal

1- Snake Bangle

This rounded snake shape bangle will attract attention of many. Some may find it scary but if you are a animal lover it is OK.

15 Jewelry Designs based on Animal Structure - Snake Bangle

2- Bumblebee Brooch

This brooch you can place on your clothes. It will look great, also many people may think it real bumblebee.

Bumblebee Brooch - Animal Shape Jewelry

3- Panda Ring

This is very cute ring you can wear or can give to your loved ones. This panda is looking so nice and cute, you can imagine how it will look on your finger.

Panda Ring

4- Pig Chain

This necklace is for pig lovers. Cute pig is attached with the chain that will hang on your neck.

Pig Shape Necklace

5- Butterfly Earrings

This type of earring are popular and very common in people. Many people mostly young girls wear it in their ears. Flying butterfly look nice in the ear.

Butterfly Earrings

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