15 Hilarious Public Warning Boards

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Warning boards are the thing that is used to warn people about some possible danger. Usually these are written in classical words also warning boards matter is written in such a way that it does not create ambiguity. Main quality of a warning board is that people can easily understand what is written, they should not get confused. But its true that you can find such boards that create ambiguity and also humors. Here we are sharing 15 hilarious public warning boards that are funny. Some of these boards may be created intentionally and some others by mistake.

1- Don’t Throw Stones

This is the humors and intelligently written warning. People specially children will take it seriously. You should not throw stones at animal in the zoo.

15 Hilarious Public Warning Boards - Don't throw stones2- Save your Life

Life saving instructions in the zoo. They are worry about animals.

Funny Public Warning Boards3- Toxic waste don’t give Super Power

Yes, beware those super heroes who got super power from toxic waste is waste. They are only in movies. Save your self.

Intelligent Warning Boards

4- Cave Diving Warnings

You must read all those warnings and understand the risk in cave diving before doing it. Yes it is thrilling but your life is in danger in this sport.

Cave Diving Warning Sign5- Drive Slow Warning

Driver slow because people are under construction.

Funny Warning Boards

6- Cemetery Warning

Look like people are using cemetery like park. The management was forced to stick these warning labels.

15 Hilarious Public Warning Boards Cemetery Warning

7- Use your Brain

Most generous warning – People often forgot that machine does not have mind.

Funny Warning Board8- Sharp Edges

This caution board is applied to tell you that the board has sharp edges.

Funny Warning Boards Sharp Edges

9- Do not Lick

Do not Lick the windows.

Do Not Lick the windows10- He Love his Work

He is writing that he is trapped in the sign making factory. This is the sign that he love his work.

15 Hilarious Public Warning Boards - 11- Thanks for Noticing

This notice is to consume your time.

Thanks for noticing 12- Washing Instructions

These instructions written on your cloth is for you not for your cloth.

Funny Warning Boards

13- Bumpy Road Warning

This is funny warning that tells you about bumpy road.

Bumpy Road Warning14- Appreciation

This is appreciation for your safe drive 😀

Thanks For safe drive

15- Do Not Iron

Do not Iron this cloth while wearing. No one is that much idiot.

Funny Warning Boards


These are all 15 hilarious public warning boards that are funny. If you like it don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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