15 Hilarious Funny Action by People in Public

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11- Salad on Face

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Salad on Face

His friends take advantages of his sleep. They placed the salad on the face and clicked the pictures.

12- I wana open it

I want bear

This person want to open this bottle at any cost. Even if it cost an iPhone.

13- Am so Tired

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Am so tired

This man is so tired. Even he don’t have much time to take off the glasses.

14- Baby Bring me Up

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Baby Bring me Up

Look at the brave girl and the coward boy.

15- Crazy Sleep

Funny Image of Sleep

This boy is sleeping the train and annoying with his open mouth to the person sitting besides him.


These are the 15 hilarious funny action by people in public you will wonder to see. Have you like these? Tell us such story of yours in the comments.

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