15 Hilarious Funny Action by People in Public

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While roaming in the public places we often see funny act of people. This world is full of funny people, they don’t bother or care about the public. We have collected such 15 hilarious funny action by people in public. These pictures are clicked by peoples who roam in the public with their cameras, and always ready to clicked such pictures.


15 Hilarious Funny Action by People in Public

1- Throw these Naughty Childrens

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Throw Children

Parents on beach while making fun. They tired with their naughty childrens, decided to throw them. 😀

2- Petrol is so Costly

Funny Action - Petrol is so costly

An old man trying to fill his car petrol tank. It seems he sick of petrol price hikes.

3- Brick Breaker

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Brick Braker

Two person is breaking brick on the stomach of another person with a hammer. I don’t what all of these eat.

4- Run Run Run

Run Run Run Funny Action

Hey, you have spoiled my pool water now save yourself. Now Run Run Run

5- Oh My Gooood

15 Hilarious Funny Action by People - Oh My Goood

Oh My Goooood. I think the children has seen his mother without makeup. 😀

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