13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies

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11- Pegasus

Pegasus is the next animal in the 13 great imaginary animal featured in Hollywood movies. They are the horses but they can fly. Pegasus have big wings which helps them to fly. In many movies hero used them to travel. Pegasus were featured in the Clash of Titans and also in other movies.

Pegasus - Clash of Titans

12- Reepicheep

Reepicheep - Imaginary Movies in Hollywood Movies

Reepicheep are the imaginary mouse featured in the Chronicals of the Narnia movie. Reepicheep is one because of I saw the Narnia movies. They can walk like human and also can talk. In the Narnia movies he is the one of brave soldier.

13- Buckbeak

BuckBeak - Imaginary Animal in Harry Potter Movies

Buckbeak featured in Harry Potter movie. He was pet of Hagrid in the movie. Buckbeak is a big bird who is very calm and innocent.

These are the 13 great imaginary animal featured in Hollywood movies. They are not only thirteen, movies are filled with such imaginary animals. You can list them in the comments. Sharing Appreciated.

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