13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies

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6- Fluffy

In the 13 great imaginary animal featured in Hollywood movie, next animal is Fluffy. Fluffy is a dog with three head. He was doorkeeper in the Harry Potter movie. Dogs are scary with only one head and he has three.

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies - Fluffy

7- Mermaid

Mermaids - Imaginary Animal in Hollywood movies


Mermaid are the imaginary animal creature. They have half body like human and half body like fish. Usually they are beautiful creature but if you try to harm them they can kill you in no time. Mermaids have been seen in many Hollywood movies. They were featured in Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Mermaids 2

8- Basilisk

Basilisk - Imaginary Animal in Harry Potter Movie

Basilisk is imaginary snake in the Harry Potter movie. This snake was very big and can swallow a man in one attempt. Big snake are the most common imaginary animal featured in the Hollywood movies. Many movies are based on these big snake. They have different name in different movies.

9- Gryphon

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies - Gryphon - Attack of Gryphon

Gryphon are birds, big birds. They have big and strong clutch that can lift a man. Gryphon also were featured in many movies of hollywood. Attack of Gryphon movie was specially build using them.

10- Centaurs

Centaurs - Imaginary Animals

Centaurs animals are the mix of human and horse. They have torso of human and lower body is taken from horse. They have four legs like horse which they use to run. Centaurs has two hand which they use to lift things or fight. Centaurs are the imaginary animals who have been used many times in Hollywood movies. Mainly they were featured in Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter movies.

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies - Centaurs

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