13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies

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Imaginary animals creatures in movies are most popular. Many movies in Hollywood are based on such imaginary animals. People also like these imaginary animals. Whether its Harry Potter movie series or other popular fictional movie – all these movies comes with a new type of animals. Here we have collected such 13 great imaginary animal featured in Hollywood movies. These animals were so much liked by people. Not only this one imaginary animal is used in many movies.

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies

1- Trolls

13 Great Imaginary Animal Featured in Hollywood Movies - Trolls

Troll is a imaginary animal featured in the Lord of the Rings movie. This is a big animal with strong and metal skin. Troll can walk with two legs and can fight with the enemies with his two hands. This animal was also featured in Trollhunter movie.

2- Grendel

Imaginary Animal in Hollywood Movies - Grendel

Grendel imaginary animal look very scary. It was featured in Bewolf movie. This animal can crush a person with his hand. It has almost no skin on the whole body. Big hand and with big nails which he used to fight.

3- Medusa

Mythical Animals in Hollywood movies - Medusa

Big female snake with human face. She has big and scary hairs. All of her hairs are snake. This imaginary animal was featured in Clash of Titans movie. In the movie she is blessed that if anyone see her eye, he will be frozen immediately.  The hero used her head to defeat another big animal.

4- Minotaur

Imaginary Animals - Minotaur

Minotaur’s are imaginary animal which are basically buffalo, but they can stand, walk and talk like human. They are featured in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, Sinbad and Eye of the Tiger and Your Highness.

5- Dobby

Dobby in Harry Potter

Dobby is pet who do all house related work in the Harry Potter movie series. This imaginary animal has magical power. This animal is also seen in Lord of the Rings movie.

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