12 Most Odd and Old Cameras you haven’t seen

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Human is very fascinating to know their future also they wish to capture the past. That’s why they invented cameras. Before cameras pictures and portraits were developed by painters. After inventing cameras they are able to capture real image and get them printed on paper. Cameras have seen big influence in its history. Here we are sharing 12 most odd and old cameras you haven’t seen if you are not a historic person.

1- Pistol Camera

This camera was developed to train the police officers, few models were developed. It does not come to market for sale to public.

Gun Pistol - 12 Most Odd and Old Cameras you haven't seen


2- Meopta Pankopta Panoramic Camera

This is an old model of camera. It was developed and used in 1962.

Most Old CamerasSource

3- Old Press Camera

This camera were used in 1930 in press conference. The flash of this camera was its identity.

Old Press CameraSource

4- Stereo Realist Camera

This camera was built in between 1947 to 1971. Its specificity was its lenses. There were two holes to view and set accurate angle for the photographs.

Stereo Realist Camera - Odd CameraSource

5- Folding Plate Camera

This camera was developed by Sunart Photo Company which was founded in 1893, they developed this camera in 1899.

Sunart Folding CameraSource

6- Vintage Super Baldina Camera

The German model of this camera was developed first in 1938. That time its cost was around $58.

12 Most Odd and Old Cameras you haven't seenSource

7- The Weekender Camera

This device was built in 1983. This was a multi-function device with inbuilt Wake Up Alarm, Radio, Stopwatch, Clock, time zone indicator, a storage compartment and camera to click pictures.

The Weekender Multi-Function DeviceSource

8- Arca Swiss Rm3d Camera

Basic version of this camera was appeared in 2006. This camera is designed for roll film backups to particular size.

Arca Swiss Rm3d CameraSource

9- Lomography Money

Its very attractive and unique designed camera.

12 Most Odd and Old Cameras you haven't seenSource

10- Old Bizarre Camera

Old Bizarre CameraSource

11- Victorian Camera with Flash

This camera was used in Victorian – era, it has separate flash light stand and powder. Drawbacks of this system was that photographer always be in danger of burn with the powder.

Victorian Flash Lamp with CameraSource

12- Fotosniper

This is a FS-12 Zenit FotoSnaiper 300mm camera. This model is unusual but very comfortable in shooting perfect image. It helps to keep your hands steady while taking pictures. 

FotoSnaiper Camera Most Odd camera Source

These are 12 most odd and old cameras you haven’t seen if you are not a historic person.

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