10 Most Odd and Bizarre Foods in the World People Eat

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Main purpose of every food is to give energy. But people has their range of choices to eat. Either you are vegetarian or non veterinarian. Usually non vegetarian can eats everything, from veg to non veg, fish, animals etc. They also have some ranges to eat. There are some people who eats such things that seems eww to the rest of the world where they enjoy. Here we are sharing 10 most odd and bizarre foods in the world people eat. These food are famous where they are eaten. While other people don’t even like to see it.

1- Ikizikuri

This seems the most brutally made food in the world. Also this dish is banned in many countries. The customer has to make their own choice of animal from a tank. They pick that animal and give to the chef. Then chef will fill that at the front of customer, without killing the animal. Then it will served with decoration and beating heart of animal.

10 Most Odd and Bizarre Foods in the World People EatSource

2- Fried Spider

Fried spider is a regional dish of Cambodia. This snack is popular among the tourist visiting the Cambodia. I don’t know how they eat them.

Most Odd Food Fried SpiderSource

3- Fugu Fish

This food is dangerous to eat. Fugu fish is the one of the most poisonous fish. Its toxic parts are cleaned properly then its dish is being made. This dish is banned to made in house. Only some restaurants are allowed to prepare its dish, where trained chef make it with caution.

Most Dangerous Food Fugu FishSource

4- Animal Penises

So hungry people, they even eat penises. People eat 50 animals penises. Most famous is ox penis.

Bizarre Food Animal PenisesSource

5- Fried Grasshoppers

Its time to take fried grasshoppers as  a snack. Odd Foods GrasshopersSource

6- Sannakji

This is a Korean dish prepared with the octopus. A small octopus is being cut into pieces. When dish is served pieces of Sannakji still squirming.

Most Bizarre Foods SannakjiSource

7- Mongolian Boodog

Whole dish is cooked within the body of the animal. Weird..

Odd Dishes in World Mongolian BoodogSource

8- Drunken Shrimp

This is dish of China, shrimp is stunned in strong liquor before eat. Often shrimp is eaten alive. This dish is soaked with liquor that made them eat easy.

10 Most Odd and Bizarre Foods in the World People Eat - Drunken ShrimpSource

9- Snake Wine

This wine is made by infusing whole snake in rice wine.

Snake Wine Most Bizarre FoodSource

10- Black Ivory Coffee

This is the most expensive coffee, it cost around $11000 per Kilo Gram. Thai elephants eat the Ivory coffee beans then it is picked from their droppings.

Black Ivory Coffee Most Odd FoodsSource

These are the 10 most odd and bizarre foods in the world people eat. If you are not belong to these foods. You wish not to try them unless you are a person who is crazy to do the odd things. Stay Oddish…

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