10 Most Bizarre Railway Stations Tracks and Bridges

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We have seen so many creative and bizarre creations around us. There are some bizarre railways stations and bridges. Some are made intentionally and some becomes bizarre due to busy tracks or some other requirements. We have 10 most bizarre railway stations tracks and bridges.

Railways are the oldest methods of travelling. Earlier we were travelling on steam train then diesel and now electric trains have replaced them. Everything have been changed but not the tracks. Trains are running on the same railway tracks. However, few new advance techniques have been introduced in order to give old train tracks strength. I also included odd railway bypasses in this list. There are some creative railway bridges and some are odd railway stations.

10 Most Bizarre Railway Stations Tracks and Bridges

1. Grasshopper’s Railway Station

10 Most Bizarre Railway Stations Grasshopper's Railway Station

This railway station is build as the shape of grasshopper. This is why it is called Grasshoppers Railway Station.

2. Easter Island Forth Railway Bridge

Easter Island Forth Railway Bridge

It is a railway bridge built in Easter Island.

3. Approach to Newcastle Station

Odd Railway Tracks / Approach to Newcastle Station

It is one of busiest railway bypass and track. Can you count how many tracks are there??

4. Frankfurt’s Bockenheimer-Warte

10 Most Bizarre Railway Stations / Frankfurt’s Bockenheimer-Warte

It is a entrance of Frankfurt’s Bockenheimer-Warte Railway station. Look like a train coach is dumped in earth.

5. Union Pacific Railway Road

Bizarre Railway Stations / Union Pacific Railway Road

A coal filling point of Union Pacific Railway Road. 

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