10 Most Bizarre Sculpture in World you will Amaze to see

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Statues and Sculpture are popular from very old age. Art work on stones is the main attraction from very old age. Still it is very popular. Artists are creating statues and sculpture will full of creativity. These sculpture and statues becomes main attractions where these are placed. These statues becomes tourists spot. Here we are sharing such 10 most bizarre sculpture in world that you will amaze to see. Artist of these statues were very creative. Some sculptures are reflecting social messages and some are reflect the old tradition and trend.

1- De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

This is the most bizarre sculpture designed by Tom Frantzen. It is located in Brussels Belgium. The art piece is indicating that the police man is caught by the person from sewer line. It was created in 1985.

10 Most Bizarre Sculpture in World you will Amaze to seeSource

2- Hippo Sculptures, Taipei, Taiwan

Worlds famous sculptureSource

3- Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York

This famous sculpture is created by Paige Bradley – a creative sculptor. Its name is expansion. The sculpture shown a light inside the lady and its expansion.

World Bizarre Sculpture Expansion by Paige BradleySource

4- Salmon Sculpture, Portland, USA

Most Bizarre Sculpture Salmon Sculpture Source

5- Man Hanging Out, Prague, Czech Republic

Worlds Famous Sculpture Man Hanging OutSource

6- The Knotted Gun, Turtle Bay, New York, USA

The symbol of Non Violence.

Sculpture of Non Violence - Knotted GunSource

7- Mustangs Sculpture, Las Colinas, Texas, USA

World Bizarre Sculpture Mustangs by Robert Glen


8- The Monuments of an Anonymous Passerby, Wroclaw, Poland

Worlds Famous Sculpture Monuments of an Anonymous Passerby


9- Venus De Milo, The Louvre Museum, Paris

Worlds Bizarre Statue Venus De MiloSource

10- Statue of Liberty, New York, United States

Worlds Famous Statues - Statue of LIberty


These are 10 most bizarre sculpture in world you will amaze to see. If you like it share it with your friends on social media.


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